Jun 7, 2007

Where they stop, nobody knows!

We have several roundabouts in my Midwestern community. You know, the simple traffic control import from Europe that's made it's way from Boston to here. They're great -- keeps traffic moving -- when people know how to use them.

See, around here, people don't. Even if there is nothing to yield to on left, people come to a complete stop and wait for another waiting car on the left. It's completely absurd -- which makes me think, "Wait a minute... this is a training issue".

How come city planners put these things in and then just assume people know what to do with them?

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cblukens said...

A few people don't know how to use them in Massachusetts either. We honk and yell. Yet, the Rotary is a brilliant invention and when all are on board - is speedy and efficient. Who knew something so chaotic would work. Besides, they are fun as hell. That is - when people actually use them correctly, going 75% normal speed.