Jun 11, 2007

Soprano lame duck

The only winners in this whole thing were the members of the 80s rock band Journey. At least they'll be remembered for the theme song to the absolute worst series finale I can remember. And Seinfeld is a close second.

It's just really painful when you've got loyal followers since 1999 and you let them down with the piece of shit that was the last episode to a series that probably should have ended around episode number 50.

I've heard it all -- it was a "cut to black" because you supposed to be Tony Soprano in that instant, they're holding the rest of the ending to make the movie version, and my personal favorite: David Chase wanted to leave the final Soprano family moments up to the imagination of the viewers who put up with the erratic scheduling and poor storylines for the last several seasons.

If we wanted it to be left up to our "imaginations", why have a TV show at all and just let me imagine some psycho mobsters and their goombahs to begin with...

...please. Spare me the Hollywood artsy-fartsy shit and admit you simply ran out of gas. It's the show that, unlike Seinfeld (although they had a lame-ass finale as well), went on past it's prime and couldn;t figure out how to whack itself, so you simply decided to leave it up the "viewers". That's rich. And how the show will be remembered. Cheers, M*A*S*H: Classic shows with classic endings. Even the more recent HBO series, Six Feet Under had one of the more memorable and creative finale episodes.

Unfortunately, Chase squandered any hope of Sopranos entering into the group of shows worthy as mentioning in the phrase, the best ever.

It simply, wasn't.

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