Jun 1, 2007

Too much static...

Mark Cuban says he believes that another NFL-type football league could flourish. I respectfully disagree and think any effort as such would fall the way the XFL and USFL did.

I don't see this working for two primary reasons:

1) I'm not sold on the argument for unmet demand in the pro football entertainment space. You've already got a pretty good arena football league going. And I see plenty of unsold seats on nationally-televised NFL games throughout the regular season. I think the competition among entertainment vehicles today is so strong and so fractured, that any effort toward another powerhouse league has odds stacked way against it. And I don't think you could get another league going and be any less price-point sensitive than the NFL is today. It would have to be a huge saving to attend another league's games. Bottom line: too much competition for the entertainment dollar.

2) The NFL is a well-oiled machine. It is managed and disciplined far better than any other major league sport. It also has such history, well-established rules and experience, and lore. I don't see any other league coming up against it anytime soon that hs the clout that even approaches the level of the NFL.

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