Aug 15, 2007

Google Talk

Pretty cool IM gadget.

Change in Strategy

I recently finished reading the latest book by Seth Godin entitled, The Dip. It's a very quick read, a little book, actually. It talks about and r aises some very interesting questions about quitting bad things and continuing through tough times with good things/ideas/plans/programs.

We're going through a Dip in the coffee business. It's an incredibly challenging time right now as we're staring a lot of growth in the face, ramp up with new talent and the like. We also recently had a major shift in sales strategy that we basically bet the farm on.

But if you have faith in the product or service, you'll be nimble enough to change direction on a dime to get through the Dip to the end game: success of your business or program, product, marriage -- whatever. Sometimes it takes sheer strength of will to quit what you're doing poorly, learn from it and head in a totally new direction.