Apr 19, 2007

Wisconsin No Smoke

I smoked cigarettes for 11 years, quit nearly 10 years ago and I pray that any discomfort I get in my torso isn't some sort of malignant tumor growing deep inside me due my youthful feeling of indestructiveness.

These days, I find myself increasingly militant about the whole restaurant/bar smoking issue. Even the Wisconsin Restaurant Association president has recently called for a statewide ban. But we can't seem to make much progress, and I keep needing to take a shower every single time I go home from having a few beers with the wife or guys.

Of course, it remains a political issue about how much "food" you serve relative to "alcohol". The powerful Wisconsin Tavern League has resolved the issue be determined by bean counters who can manipulate the books of a respective business to look more or less favorable in any direction to circumvent any rules.

I can breathe in NYC, DC, Boston, SF and countless other communities around this great state and country, and yet, we can't seem pass the only logical and fair solution for all tavern and restaurant owners - a full statewide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. Take your butts outside.

I guess we're at least a decade away from any trans-fat laws and green fluorescent light bulb requirements...

This is the Midwest, after all.

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