Apr 23, 2007

Who's your daddy?

I can't get away with anything anymore in my house. With three kids under nine, and the youngest being a feisty three and a half, their super-absorbent brains and young, untainted minds are now starting to make sure that I stay in line. It's almost like we did TOO good of a job of teaching these guys manners (I'm not THAT foolish). But I think least in regard to enforcement of the 'you better practice-what-you-preach, mom & dad!', they've got a keen collective eyes and ears.

I used to be able to roam my abode, in all sorts of clothing, make any sort of noises I damn well want to make at ANY time, and basically act like cro-magnon man at my leisure. It is no more. At least without recourse.

... (sigh) ... (burp).

"What do you say, DAD!"

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