Apr 20, 2007

Cell Phone Hell (in the air)

I've changed my mind on cell phone use on airplanes. I used to think the pending FAA review on in-flight cell phone use was a long time coming, based ona ridiculous analog-era technological excuse and just the natural progression of things.

But then, I've been traveling lately and I've taken note on cell phone use. Have you noticed how many people are instantly on them once the jet hits the taxiway? I've since decided that I don't need to have my already cramped trip cramped further by knowing about your mother's 12-inch incision from her butt surgery, or the fact that your supplier can't deliver the goods and you're now yelling at about 50 DBs inside this sardine can.

I just want to relax as best I can -- having everyone on their phones during the entire flight isn't going to be good for anyone, including the airlines, I can only surmise...

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