Apr 17, 2007

Powerpoint theory

Seth Godin points us to a really bad CEO Powerpoint slide. I remember while working for both Apple Computer and Nortel Networks, these guys would send out pre-produced sales and engineering slides for channel or end-user consumption, and would be bona-fide eye charts. Why is it that nearly everyone feels compelled to put every single talking point and icon on each and every slide?

I heard this theory on Powerpoint a while back -- I can't remember if I came up with it or I heard it elsewhere:

A company's success is inversely related to its deployment of Powerpoint.

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cblukens said...

"Understanding the Endgame" my ass! I would have to push my glasses closer to my face to understand that.

All serious PP players should drop everything and take a course from The First Name in Information Design - Edward Tufte: