Mar 19, 2007

The Web's Outta Control

Web sites are out of control. I mean the complexity, navigation. I remember reading a book a while back that my brother gave me from a master's class. It was called Don't Make Me Think. Although somewhat dated, it's concepts still hold true.

I was just on DirecTV's website trying to look at my account. Well, they're making me think. So much so, I had to grab a beer to stave off the impending headache. Just because the technology gets better doesn't meant he complexity has to. Got to where I wanted after some fumbling around. Then I wanted to look at packages , HD channels, HD-DVRs and packages. Not so simple. I ended up with about five tabs open in Firefox that I needed to keep bouncing back and forth between.

As a consumer and quasi-technology critique-r, I've always been super-impressed with good web site design. Like Amazon. It takes good planner, good intuition and good study from the eyes of your customer.

Pretend you're a customer a go look through your web site. Do you get a headache?

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