Mar 23, 2007


Today is Friday. Which is why I'm reflecting on the week behind me. If you're like me, Mondays are jam full of emails and phone calls and everything that needs to ramp-up for the week. I try to manage my volume of email in my inbox over the weekend so I'm not as hammered on Monday morning, but it always seems to still be a menace.

I've mentioned I'm basically a sales guy. I sell and I manage people and companies. I have a great deal of empathy for a sales rep, whether they're selling printing or real estate or whatever.

But don't call me in the first hour of business on a Monday morning. Don't even call me in the morning on a Monday. You will find me much more amenable to your sales pitch generally later in the week. Happens all the time and I continue to wonder why people don't get it.

Experience, I guess. And the perspective of being on both sides of the sales fence.

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cblukens said...

The same was true in the student travel business (which I slaved in for too long) except the schedule was the opposite. Please, we begged would be student travel customers, come in on Monday morning - we are free. It your right to come in 5 minutes to close on a Thursday - but don't expect much. That was the nature of the business - but people would repeat that behavor over and over. I simply refuse to enter any establishment 10 minutes to close.