Mar 26, 2007

Noimpactman, Midwest version

OK, Seth Godin's blog about NYC's Noimpactman is compelling - As a Midwestern male, it's always intersting to me to observe what those crazy kooks on the coasts are doing. But his has merit. There's always an early adopter cycle with things like these (trends, or more lasting?).

I'm the Midwestern Noimpactman; well, at least Reducedimpactman. I drive a Yukon XL, but I do so because I have five people and lots of gear in my family and we travel. But I did start replacing all the non-dimmer light bulbs in my house with the low-wattage flourescent fixtures. Those things used to be like $12 each and light up your room like your local deli, but they're better now, and I bought a four-pack at Home Depot for $8 bucks.

If they'd figure out how to make those dimmer-capable, I'd buy stock in the company.

It's a start...

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