Mar 23, 2007

Sock Hop and memories

My daughter had a father-daughter sock hop for her Brownies troop tonight. It/she was cute. Got me thinking about all the neat memories I had when I was a kid in school:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Dais, thought she was a hottie at the time. Solar eclipse circa 1974-75.
1st grade: Mrs. Zimmerman; still run into her around town. PBS special taped in my class.
2nd grade: Mrs. Adams - started writing short stories
3rd grade: Our teacher was the local Dairy Queen franchisee, so we always got free Dilly Bars.
4th grade: Mrs Adams, redux. Drama and piano lessons. A music teacher that said she needed to have her "temper" removed. A birthday party at Pizza Hut.
5th grade: First space shuttle launch. Science projects with Mr. Soz. Bad showers in gym.
6th grade: Mr. Bishop, girls and geeks (me); The Police.
7th grade: This hottie of a social studies teacher, church youth groups and ski club.
8th grade: Puberty (wham, yikes!); Pea coats, girls from other schools, football, meeting Huey Lewis & the News, ,music.
Freshman year: missed good friends who went to Catholic school; high school girls, drivers license (on the day the Challenger blew up). AC/DC in the lunchroom.
Sophomore year: Girlfriends, typing, computers intro, way too much freedom.
Junior year: Study halls and leaving early, lats year of playing football, pole vaulting
Senior year: Classes at St. Norbert, a disdain for high school, time to move on...

Time flies...

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