Apr 5, 2009

Does Social Networking border on voyeurism?

My brother recently asked me this question -- which got me to thinking: Do I actually need to know what somebody has on their grill or how they've scored the their top five 80s hair bands (although I fully intend to rate this myself)?

I know there are security controls but one of the things about these sites, Facebook in particular, is that whatever response you place up there in the cloud, it's a pretty good bet that it's going to read by not only hundreds of your friend's friends, but potentially their friends, and so on. It's like about the 2 or 3 degrees of social networking. And most of it sure looks like personal release to me.

This fascinates me, because of all the relative infancy of the technology, how it's proliferating so quickly and how to use it best. I think the opportunities here are enormous to connect and communicate. But one has to know the potential pitfalls as well.

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