Jul 17, 2007


Best Buy is kinda like Starbucks. You go there because they're everywhere and it's just too much work to go anywhere else when you need a fix in a hurry (electronic or otherwise).

I was in Best Buy today and they asked me to sign up for their new "Reward Zone" frequent buyer/points/certificate program. They pitched it hard at the checkout, said things like, "Just think, those points can really add up if you buy a TV...!".

I was cleaning up and glanced at the program explainer they gave me before I pitched it -- it's weak. Really weak. I mean, it starts at $5 on $250 and runs up to a lousy 20 bucks on $1000, a mere 2% rate. If you have a little time to shop, you'd be better off finding a good deal somewhere else, like buy.com.

When you put smoke, mirrors and fancy bells around a weak program, it doesn't lure people in, it turns them off and shows how cheap you really are. People's bullshit radar is just too high today to be doing this. It's not worth it.

But then again, I'm sure some marketing executive at Best Buy or the agency they've hired thought this idea was brilliant. I doubt they'll be around too long.

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