May 30, 2007

We'll get back to you...

I wrote a letter to Ice Mountain water this morning. Some time ago they changed their bottle caps and now when you sip from the bottle, it tastes like plastic. It's not good, and I thought they want to know about it, because I've been a good customer for a while, fairly brand-loyal, and I'm about to bolt for another water.

Not only did they require that I submit my full address and phone number when I sent them my note, which I personally disagree with (an email and name is all that should be required), I got a auto-responder page that said:

"Thank you for contacting IceMountain. We will get back to you as soon as we can, within the next seven business days."

Seven business days? That could be almost 10 days. In my businesses, it's a 24-hour rule during the week and a first-thing Monday after a weekend. I want my customers to feel like I value them and their inquiries. What Ice Mountain's practice says to me (screams, really) is that, "We'll get back to you when we feel like it. We've got enough customers we really don't have to hire any additional people to respond in a more timely manner."

I'd better choose another water...

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